Swinging bat took balls


Awesome movie I went to see this weekend, 42, about Jackie Robinson.   It will grip you in your seat hoping the discrimination and racism doesn’t extend to a whole new level.   There was the fear of going into a profession with your untapped abilities threating or scaring those who did not want to shake things up.   Which brings me to this month’s questions why do you deal with negativity over your own positive energy?     When our reviews come in, we cannot let the critics win.     We have to be honest with ourselves first and foremost.

This month’s great movie was 42, it’s a drama based of Jackie Robinson life.   It will grip you into your seat with moments of discrimination based on racism.     You just pray it does not get violent in his workplace ,the baseball field.   What was he judge upon, people could not look past his bat and balls. Your professional abilities wowing the crowds but something in which cannot be helped holding you back.  Our critics how mighty they may be never wear tongue protection so why should we?  In the days of label who can do this or who can do that.   Are we seeking out some form of workplace behavior of allowing other’s to be themselves rather then what comes preplaced away from their resume?

I had the dishonor of being told you should not try something cause in the end you will not help yourself but only lie their in defeat.    A total stranger who underestimated my skills, my classifications, and my background.    Only looking upon my speed, my accuracy, and not giving me a chance.   As someone pointed out to me I should of asked how can I get this person’s job?   There I was being my own recking ball when better judgment sided with me.   I cannot be perfect choice for everyone, I cannot be everything to everyone, and sometimes I just need to live my passions.   

You will not find me on the radio sparing out like Dolly Pardon in Straight Talk.   Questions like how have I lived, where can I excel, and what is with the weather lately?    Odd ball chance will not  

Let me guess you are yearning to do more with life and escape the darkness of the closet?    You cannot see why a simple little crushes, a small percentage of what makes you, or why your heart matters?   Let me hear you say what’s love got to do with it?   Second hand emotion?          Well when your mind, heart, and soul are not working towards a working solution something must be out of whack? Do not feel lost, try changing your attitude.   Why must you remain silent and have things pushed upon you.  

When a simple push from one perspective to another holds so much good change.    Feeling challenged there is no way of chewing off your heart or having a transplanted artery.   Might as well face it you are addicted to same sex love.   While the no hearted work world can tear you down from this.  Having a good attitude and perspective on things can really make the change.

When workers are up on ya’ll business are you finding challenges on having your story “Straight”.    As someone mentioned to me a 30 year old who is not married, no children, or ex wives must either be having trouble in sack or drum roll queer.

Why do we hold our tongues with being quiet and treating everyday like the day of silence?    An employer close to me who got a promotion says that hiding anything, not being social, and not having a clean work slate hurt your chances.   Why does it seem no matter how hard we try we cannot seem to make it?     


Awaiting for the right answers to the toughest questions its once again time for Out at Work.     I won’t try to throw advice to you like Dolly Pardon in Straight Talk.   If you can spare a moment of your time I would appreciate it.  Why deal with the stings of bees

Shift into high gear


Ever feel like nothing is going to stop us now? You made your decisions with life and you are going to stick with them? No turning back, keep on the path, and no changing what so ever? What is stopping you from improving your talents and perhaps making yourself feel a lot better? If people were not pushing me to improve myself, I, would have given up a long time ago. This month I will be going into a training to see my strengths and weaknesses. A bit scared of facing my weaknesses but life will improve when I know them.
I have been listening to Making Mountains Move an inspirational podcast from a knurly straight dude. He tries to make you go improve yourself with a pep talk. Why is it so easy to blame others and not ourselves? I heard on a bus a complaint that the bus driver made someone late for work. Forget the others who were getting on and off. They were mad. No calling in the boss to see if they could switch around their schedule or asking a coworker to cover for them. It was the drivers fault. Good analogies I think to point out are you blaming yourself and hiding so you do not disturb? New York subway rider called faggot and beaten as commuters watch. Why do we allow other’s to be hurt and not stand up? Are we too busy thinking they or we deserve it?
Where are the inspirational speakers of our community and where are the supporters of our leaders? Sure we tend to attack one another and argue they do not know what they are talking about. Yet I find it amazing there is 0 out state legislatures or representatives in Michigan. While we are looking towards a fiscal cliff it is nice to see other’s from our community coming together to argue for Employment Non Discrimination Act. How about housing and public accommodations to add to that?
While business is booming for the homophobic wedding cake baker, and the gay wedding planners are grinding their teeth on prop 8 case. What are you doing to ease the tension and bring out the best in you? Try relieving stress and getting out there networking. Thanks for reading and allowing me to attempt to get you motivated. Let me know how your doing at Vacaafrank@gmail.com


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